Get the Sparkle Back This Spring With Professional House Cleaning

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( — July 17, 2021) Holladay, UT — You may be moving into a rental house or looking for routine spring cleaning – deep cleaning of the house is a must. You can check online for more details on professional cleaning services. The services offer maids who bring cleaning products and equipment to clean the property thoroughly.

You can either get maids for the entire property or just for a couple of difficult spots. Hiring cleaning experts for any property is the best solution for deep cleaning. Why hire us, the cleaning services experts? Check online to see more information about Fresh Maids House Deep Cleaning.

Cleaning tips by the professionals

  • Removal of soap scum – Bathrooms and toilets are the wettest areas of your house. The constant use of bathtubs and shower makes the entire place full of scum. Getting rid of the soap marks and scum is a pro task. You need to scrape off the scum with a plastic putty knife first, then rub the entire place vigorously with a sponge. It is that part of house cleaning which needs a lot of strength and time. 

You can avoid the build of scum in the bathroom by switching to shower gels and liquid soaps. The scum assembles more with bar soaps and lesser in gel form soaps. 

  • Thorough dusting – A deep cleaning requires dusting every nook and corner of your house. From cleaning blinds, delicate decorative pieces, and difficult corners of the house – every place needs careful dusting. However, you might have a quick dust routine, but once in a month, deep cleaning will do wonders in those areas where you missed. You can use regular cloth for dusting or try swapping to feather duster. For heavy dust and unreachable spots, try the long-handled microfiber cleaner.
  • Shining the silverware – You would surely need a professional to get the natural shine back on the silverware. How about giving the silver spoons and serving bowls a quick polish? You can check for authentic and proper cleaning products to ensure that all the silverware is stain-free and polished without any damage.
  • Cleaning the disposal – Try the best method of cleaning to get rid of the funny smell. Quick yet deep cleaning of the garbage bins is crucial. Use some lemon drops with vinegar and give a nice scrub. It will not only remove the stickiness from the bins but will make them odor-free.  
  • Doors and windows – Deep cleaning the windows is another challenge. A paper towel with few drops of window cleaner can do wonders. You may have to rub few times to remove the streaks. Make the window dust-free before starting the wet cleaning. 
  • Steam vacuuming – Getting the carpets cleaned is a major task. The best way to get rid of hair, dust, and food crumbs from the carpets is by using steam vacuuming. You can find excellent quality cleaners that do the task in no time. Professionals are experts in doing the whole house vacuuming. Do not miss the corners and inaccessible spots for cobwebs. Use the extension cords to ceilings and chandeliers.

Ask the experts and get the shining house before you move in or before the spring breaks.