All You Need to Know About Hatta Dam Trip

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Daily work routine and hustle and bustle of life make you tired. You get tired of performing the same regular activities daily. You follow the tied routine of your office. It has adverse effects on your physical and mental health. You want to escape from all this business for some time.

Taking a tour to any peaceful place is a good idea to escape from the boring routine for some days. It refreshes your mind and soul. It gives you the energy to perform your activities with new zeal and zest. You could plan a tour to any place of your choice. Hatta Dam trip is also such an escape that you can consider for a one-day trip or a short family getaway. 

If you are planning to have a trip towards Hatta Dam, then you should know certain things about it. This knowledge will help you enjoy your tour properly and make it memorable. 

  1. Know About the Location 

Before visiting any place, you should have complete knowledge about its location. Hatta Dam is present in a small town named Hatta present in the UAE. This town is in the Hajar Mountains. Hatta Dam is a man-made 20 meters deep dam present in these mountains. At the time of the creation, its purpose was to control and supply the water to the lower laying region. 

  1. Best Season to Visit Hatta Dam

The best time to visit any place is when you are free. But there are certain periods of the years during which the touring places attract the most. The best season to visit Hatta Dam is to visit it in spring or autumn, as during this season the touring activities were at peak here. It’s not recommended to visit during extreme summers or winters. Especially during the summer months, the activities kept closed.

  1. Where to Stay at Hatta?

The next thing you should know is where to stay. This is not a big deal in Hatta, as several hotels are present there. You could either stay at Hatta Fort Hotel, which is the oldest hotel in Hatta, or Hatta Caravan Park. Hatta Fort Hotel has two swimming pools with controllable temperature.

There is also an opportunity to book an entire farmhouse. Palm House Hatta is available for you, with four bedrooms and a swimming pool.

  1. What to Do at Hatta? 

You should make a plan of all the things you should do at Hatta Dam. 

  • You should go to the Hatta Wadi Hub. Here you can have different adventures including ax throwing, archery, wall climbing, and free fall jumping, etc.

  • You should also visit the Hatta Honey Bee farm. Trainers will guide you about everything. All the honey in your breakfast at Hatta comes from this farm.

  • As the dam is 20 meters deep, you are not allowed to swim in it. But you can hire a paddleboat, water bike, or kayak to have some water fun in the dam. Hiring a boat with a driver would be amazing, as he can tell you about different facts.

So, whenever you want to go on a trip to Hatta Dam, keep all these things in your mind. Other than that, the host of the upcoming Expo 2020, Dubai has a lot of other places you can visit and explore. Among them, you should also visit the desert safari in Dubai. It is one of the best attractions in the entire emirate. While the Hatta trip shows you one side of the emirate, the desert safari takes you on a completely different journey. 

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