Apple Valley CA Solar Panel Tier 1 – Energy Production Installation Launched

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Option One Solar (+1-855-502-6363) has launched an updated residential panel installation service for Apple Valley, CA customers. They pride themselves on innovative, affordable solutions and simplifying the switch to green energy.

A newly updated solar installation service has been launched for residential customers in Apple Valley, California. Option One Solar understands the challenges that homeowners face, with electricity costs rising faster than inflation, and strives to simplify the switch to renewable green energy.

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The newly updated service ensures that more local homeowners have affordable access to bespoke solar panel system design. Option One Solar uses a five-step process to streamline solar installation.

First, customers receive an energy analysis, which sees the skilled and experienced team inspect their energy consumption with reliable accuracy. This involves determining kWh usage and how electricity is used throughout the day in order to tailor a plan based on each customers’ individual energy needs.

Once the initial analysis is completed, Option One Solar will create an individualized system that caters to the customer’s lifestyle. With years of experience in the field, they know where to place solar panels for optimal efficiency, and only use the latest high quality equipment.

Option One Solar explains that one of the primary benefits of switching to solar is the reduction in energy costs. Their industry reports highlight that many families can reduce their energy bills by 10 times or more. Customers receive their own tailored cost benefit report to see how these savings can impact them.

Local residents can achieve energy independence with both cash payments and financing options, depending on their requirements. Once they have chosen a payment plan, Option One Solar will begin installation, with trustworthy, customer-focused technicians.

Research shows that more California residents are actively seeking a switch to solar power. Residential energy rates have been rising since 2013, and data suggests that by 2030, Pacific Gas and Electric residential rates will be 40% above inflation.

A spokesperson for the company states: “In all of our residential solar projects, we use top-performing tier 1 solar panels to maximize the amount of energy produced by your home solar system. Our residential solar package consists of several different installation options to accommodate any type of roof in California.”

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