Interview Scheduling Platform GoodTime Secures Series A+ Funding

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GoodTime released a report on their recently secured funding, which they will use to further improve the candidate experience of their powerful interview scheduling platform.

GoodTime, a hiring experience company, has released a report on their recently secured series A extension funding. The company’s platform allows businesses to streamline their hiring efforts by automating several time-consuming parts of the talent acquisition process.

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The newly released report informs readers of GoodTime’s recent successful bid for funding, their plans for using the funds, and the value of their software for both recruiters and applicants.

The company’s recent influx of capital comes from KTB Ventures, Smilegate, and Atinum. Having received a total of $16.7 million, GoodTime is positioned to continue optimizing the talent acquisition process with their industry-leading software.

Currently, the GoodTime platform allows users to reduce the total duration of the hiring process by as much as 50%. In addition, the interview scheduling software brings companies a total of cost savings of $500,000 each year.

The time and cost savings are due to the platform’s wide variety of innovative features, which include candidate self-scheduling, comprehensive interviewer training, and automatic calendar syncing. In addition, GoodTime provides support for hiring managers throughout the talent acquisition process and offers them detailed analytic reports that deliver actionable insights.

The efficiency offered by the software has attracted a significant customer base, which includes Dropbox, Pinterest, Stripe, Snapchat, Slack, Zoom, Altlassian, and more.

As diversity and inclusion (DE&I) has become a more pressing concern for businesses worldwide, the company is leading the charge on facilitating equity in the talent acquisition process.

The platform combats unconscious bias with intelligent interviewer selection, which matches candidates with suitable interviewers based on values, skills, personal characteristics, past employment, and more. GoodTime also helps clients standardize their interview process, resulting in a consistent interviewing experience for candidates.

Going forward, the company plans to use their recently secured funding to further improve the candidate experience with an emphasis on DE&I.

A spokesperson said: “As the premier hiring experience solution that more and more recruiters are using for help with streamlining and managing the talent acquisition process, GoodTime is committed to saving companies time and money in their search for the best talent available.”

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