Multipurpose Reusable Home Surface Cleaner – Eco-Friendly Bottle Spray Launched

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Aina Care has added a newly launched all-purpose cleaner to its online range of eco-friendly cleaning products. The multi-use starter kit is designed to clean surfaces throughout the home.

Capitol Heights, Maryland-based cleaning product retailer Aina Care has added a newly launched multipurpose cleaner to its range of home care accessories. The green-centric company strives to promote sustainability by providing environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions.

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Its newly launched starter kit features a reusable spraying bottle alongside three multipurpose cleaning tablets, produced with natural ingredients for optimal cleanliness. Furthering the company’s eco-conscious philosophy, the product’s formula ensures a safe alternative to the toxic chemicals prevalent in many typical cleaning agents.

Green cleaning is growing in popularity throughout the world in opposition to the hazards carried by conventional products. Studies indicate that up to a third of chemical cleaners contain elements that pose health or environmental risks. As such, Aina Care pledges to fulfill its responsibility to protect Earth’s lands, oceans, and population by bringing recyclable cleaning items to its customers.

In line with Aina Care’s green approach, its starter kit is comprised of fully biodegradable plastics and recyclable packaging. The multiple-use home cleaner directly contributes to the reduction of waste in the planet’s ecosystem. Users are able to easily carry out their cleaning routines with a gentle solution created by the product’s effervescent tablets.

Customers also benefit from the solution’s usability throughout the home, effective for the quick removal of stains and spills across a wide variety of surfaces. Company representatives state that the cleaning spray is designed to immediately target muck such as grease, dirt, or ink on contact.

With the latest announcement, Aina Care continues to provide specialist non-toxic cleaning materials for use throughout the home. Additional products in its online inventory include single and bundle cleaning packs alongside laundry and dishwashing tablets. Further details can be found at

By committing to green products such as Aina Care’s multipurpose cleaner, families can maintain a sanitary environment in the home for children and pets alike. One satisfied customer remarked: “The cleaner bundle looks great, smells great, and most importantly, is safe to use.”

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