Sneaker Cleaner Shoe Care Eco-Friendly Product For Odor-Causing Bacteria Launch

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AINACARE announces its new and improved signature sneaker cleaner. The company is proud to offer green solutions for everyday needs. It is offering free shipping for orders over $50.

AINACARE announces the stronger formulation of its signature plant-based sneaker cleaner. The all-natural and eco-friendly cleaner breaks down dirt and grime in shoes, removes odor-causing bacteria, and restores the original color of the sneaker.

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The company announced its improved formulation as part of its mission to offer green solutions to everyday problems. It notes that some people may be using too much of the product for their shoes and says that the new formula only needs to be used sparingly to achieve the same results.

The new formula contains bioethanol, coconut oil extract, antistatic agent, and deionized water, among others. The company leverages the latest technologies with natural ingredients to produce a safe, gentle, but effective shoe cleaner.

AINACARE was inspired to develop its flagship product after noticing that people tended to buy new shoes because their old ones were dirty, even if the latter were still perfectly usable. Noticing a gap in the market, the team behind the company created its unique sneaker cleaner to prolong shoe usage and reduce environmental waste.

Nevertheless, the company saw that there was room for improvement and worked on improving its formula so that people could use less for more. It also developed sneaker wipes as a convenient option for those constantly on the go. Further details can be found at

AINACARE reminds its customers that the glue that binds the shoe together will eventually break down due to age; however, regular cleaning can extend its life. Regular cleaning also prevents the buildup of mold, which may cause a bacterial infection in the foot, especially if the shoe is worn without socks.

With its updated collection, AINACARE continues its mission of offering environmentally friendly products to address various needs. The company says that it is offering free shipping nationwide for orders over $50.

A happy customer wrote, “The shoe cleaner is easy to use. I love the odor sprayer. It works on my old shoes, killing the odor as it claimed.”

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