Santa Cruz CA Commercial Retail Store Security – Affordable Services Launched

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Valiant Private Security (408-649-8386) now provides retail store owners in Santa Cruz, CA with professional security services to help them adequately protect their property sites and clients.

Valiant Private Security, a security guard company based in Campbell, California, has expanded its range of solutions for various types of commercial properties in Santa Cruz. The company now offers customized security services for owners of corner shops, strip malls, supermarkets, and shopping centers seeking to enhance the level of protection for their assets and customers.

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With the updated service, Valiant Private Security aims to help local business owners ensure that their properties are adequately protected against possible hazards and risks. The expansion of the company’s security solutions in the area comes in light of an increased rate of complaints related to lewd crimes and indecent behavior involving vagrants.

In recent years, the Santa Cruz area has experienced a steep rise in homelessness, which has caused various problems for shop owners. Businesses have been coping with unsheltered people stealing goods, accosting and frustrating customers, and hindering their operations overall.

Transient people and vandals cause disturbances to retail store owners after business hours as well, destroying their premises, breaking windows, and throwing trash everywhere. In most cases, the only option is to contact a private commercial security service provider with the proper experience and expertise to safeguard their businesses correctly.

Valiant Private Security works with a team of armed patrol officers who have the authority to make arrests when needed. The licensed security service provider has the capacity to deploy patrols to various locations, offering 24-hour response to provide necessary support.

With 10-years of experience in the security industry, Valiant Private Security’s team has mastered solid knowledge in writing up detailed, precise, and objective reports about incidents. Thanks to its client-centric, proactive approach, the company has developed strong relationships with individuals across the entire area it serves.

The provider also offers security services for residential clients and schools, customized to fit any particular requirements. The company works closely with local governments, police departments, and communities to help create a safer environment for local communities.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We work in partnership with local resources to better serve and protect our client’s property, employees, and interests.”

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