Thousand Oaks CA Live-In 24hr Home Care – Senior Companionship Services Launched

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Senior care specialists Divine Fijian Home Care (+1-661-367-0966) have launched updated live-in 24 hour support services for elderly residents in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Divine Fijian Home Care, assisted living specialists for the elderly based in Santa Clarita, CA, have launched updated live-in 24 hour home care services for seniors in Thousand Oaks. The launch offers dedicated, compassionate home help, round-the-clock care and companionship for older members of the community.

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The newly updated services provide a complete, in-residence program of home assistance – covering all aspects of daily living from bathing, meal preparation and cleaning to medical care, administration and friendship for the isolated and infirm.

The state of California is home to almost 20,000 people of Fijian descent, and the team at Divine Fijian Home Care offer elderly clients the benefit of an innate cultural instinct to respect and care for the most vulnerable members of society. According to McKnight’s Senior Living, California’s over-65s will account for 20% of the state’s population by 2030.

With its live-in home care services, the company provide assistance with all aspects of daily life. Carers offer vital physical support for trips to the doctor and hospital appointments, as well as helping with daily medication, laundry, grocery shopping and providing social stimulation.

Clients also benefit from mobility assistance, grooming, transportation, incontinence care, dressing and feeding.

The team at Divine Fijian Home Care are committed to providing respectful care services, designed to preserve the dignity of clients, improve health and promote independence where possible. A lack of stimulation can have an irreversible effect on elderly health and the company ensure a holistic program of care to improve quality of life in clients’ twilight years.

Divine Fijian Home Care was approved, licensed and registered by the state of California in 2017 and began its operations in 2018, caring for the growing senior population of the Los Angeles area. The company is owned and managed by Poasa and Marica Koroitamana, who bring years of experience in senior care and health management.

A spokesperson says, “With our professional caregivers, we guarantee a better life for you and your loved ones.”

With the launch of their updated live-in home care for the elderly in Thousand Oaks, CA, Divine Fijian Home Care continues to make respectful, compassionate home help the standard for seniors.

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