Learn Homeschooling! – Virtual Field Trip Education Audio Playlist Launched

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Vurbl has expanded its digital archive of curated audios to include a vast selection of educational resources for parents, students, and homeschoolers who want to access premium content from creators around the world.

Vurbl, an audio-streaming platform with over 30 million curated audio files including podcasts, music, and audiobooks, has released a new educational playlist to make digital learning more accessible to children. The playlist also features virtual field trip audio and aims to provide top-rated resources for homeschooling to supplement traditional modes of learning that have been hampered due to the global pandemic.

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The new playlist offers audio-based courses, educational podcasts, self-help tutorials, virtual field trips, and other streaming audio for parents and children.

Vurbl is a one-stop platform for all types of audio. The new educational playlist features study material and teaching resources from around the world. Curated podcasts cover a wide range of subjects including school science courses, stock market essentials, music history, gender studies, and more. Audio files are organized into playlists and across 40 broad categories including education, society, culture, and history.

The playlist format enables users to curate lists of their favorite audio files and snippets from various stations, podcasts, and categories to create online libraries that are shareable across multiple platforms. Users can also upload their own audio content, build a channel, and engage with their community.

Experts believe that digital media has drastically altered the way people consume information. Audio files can be accessed anywhere and listened to at all times, which makes it a favored mode of learning. Despite its convenience, educational audio assets are poorly archived on digital platforms, often without cohesive streaming options.

Vurbl was created with a vision of assembling an exhaustive collection of public domain audio and other sound-centered products on a single platform. The site aims to be the preferred streaming destination for podcast hosts, creators, and consumers.

With the latest announcement, Vurbl CEO, Audra Gold continues her mission of “bringing together billions of minutes of knowledge in one place and offering it for free to anyone in the world,” as stated in a recent interview.

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