Austin Veteran Suicide Prevention Arts Festival/Online Event Registration Launch

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The Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel has announced the return of the National Veterans Arts Festival, AVAFEST 2021. This year AVAFEST will be an online event that will allow veterans nationwide to participate from the comfort of their homes.

The Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel (VSPC) has announced the return of the Austin Veteran Arts Festival (AVAFEST) in 2021 and called on interested participants to register before the deadline on Wednesday, September 1. AVAFEST, which is set to be an exclusively online event, will take place between October 16 and November 14.

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With the new announcement, individuals will have the opportunity to contribute to a national festival that has been instrumental in addressing the problem of suicide among U.S. veterans. Approximately 32% of veterans are suffering from depression and about 7,300 commit suicide annually.

During the festivals many events and programs that feature the artistry for veterans, military and their family members artistry, participants will be able to view various disciplines of art created by talented uniformed personnel and veterans from Texas and throughout Amerca. There will be online exhibits hosted by Austins cultural centers able to be accessed from anywhere in the world. These online exhibits at museums and cultural centers will also veterans and military personnel the ability promote and sell their art, helping them financially because anyone will be able to purchase their original artwork and or their images on other merchandise such as T-shirts, computer pads , coffee mugs, prints and a variety of other merchandise.

If you wish to sponsor a veteran you will also be able to do so through our Run, Walk, And Roll, virtual 5K race.

AS in the 2018 and 2019 AVAFEST’s, this year’s event will also feature the performance of a number of dancers, singers, comedians, bands, and theater artists. Furthermore, the organizers will introduce 11 new health and wellness programs that will cater to veterans and their families.

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The upcoming National Art Festival for veterans will become the third AVAFEST event held in the city of Austin, Texas, with the inaugural event having taken place in 2018 at The beautiful Belmont Event Center in the heart of downtown Texas. The second festival in 2019 became a citywide event, which attracted the support of the city and state governments and lasted for more than 30 days.

AVAFEST 2021 will be held primarilly online out of an abundance of caution because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The city of Austin acknowledges the festival’s past successes and asked for its return. AVAFEST 2021 is the result of the Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel’s cooperation and collaboration with the Austin Parks and Recreation Department. It is fully endorsed by Austin Mayor Steve Adler and is supported by the City of Austin City Council in 2019 when it provided the festival the use of all of the city of Austins cultural Centers and museums free.

The AVAFEST Committee is expecting this year’s showing to be “more expansive” than the previous ones because of its online nature and capabilities. “Because of this, for the very first time, we hope that many more veterans, military personnel, and their families will be able to participate and experience what AVAFEST is truly all about,” it stated on its website and on its newly acquired ROKU channel that will premiere on cable television in October 2021. The Veteran’s Suicide Prevention Channels new ROKU channel is named the “VETERANS’ ARTS & WELLNESS NETWORK”.

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To learn more about the many events to be held at AVAFEST 2021 and how you can sign up for them view the 90 second videos below:









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