Waunakee WI Mosquito Control Lawn Treatment – Yard Care Services Launched

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Bollig Best Lawn Service, Inc. (+1-608-212-6174) offers its updated mosquito control service to clients in Waunakee, WI. This treatment lasts up to six weeks and also eliminates ticks and fleas.

Bollig Best Lawn Service, Inc. launches its updated mosquito control service for clients in Waunakee, Wisconsin. The company provides affordable and efficient extermination that can help prevent serious mosquito-borne illnesses.

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This updated offering was launched in line with the arrival of summer, the season when mosquitoes begin breeding. Each treatment provides protection that lasts up to six weeks.

The contractor explains that mosquitoes are virus vectors, carrying pathogens in the blood they suck and passing them from person to person. In fact, these pests are considered the most dangerous creatures on the planet, as they cause over one million deaths a year due to transmitted diseases like malaria and the Zika virus.

Bollig Best Lawn Service provides a quick solution that eliminates all existing mosquitoes in a lawn and prevents more from breeding. The company can treat sites no matter how big or small; it provides this service to both residential and commercial clients.

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It works closely with clients to understand the extent of the infestation so it can craft an effective extermination plan. Clients can choose to get recurring seasonal or as-needed services from the contractor.

The treatment is primarily applied to turf, shrubs, and plants, where mosquitoes often breed and hide. Aside from mosquitoes, the chemicals can also eliminate fleas and ticks, which also breed on lawns.

By getting this service, clients can protect their health and take full advantage of their yards in the summer. Prospective clients can request a free quotation before hiring the lawn care expert.

Bollig Best Lawn Service is a leading yard specialist that offers end-to-end lawn care to clients. Aside from Waunakee, it also caters to the communities of Springfield, Madison, Middleton, Dane, Oregon, and Fitchburg, among others.

A spokesperson says: “Mosquitoes are more than just a small nuisance — they pose a great risk to people’s health. Through our extermination service, you can eliminate these pests so you can have greater peace of mind when using your lawn.”

Interested parties may visit http://www.madisonbestlawn.com if they need further details about the company and its services.