Insulated Steel French Press – Best At-Home Coffee Maker 2021 Award Announced

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Treehugger has recently announced SterlingPro’s Stainless Steel French Press as the best-insulated option for coffee drinkers in their recent 2021 report.

Treehugger has recently announced the SterlingPro Stainless Steel French Press as their recommendation for the best-insulated coffee maker in its ‘The 7 Best French Press Coffee Makers of 2021’ report.

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The newly published report sees the SterlingPro French Press being highlighted for its plastic-free, double-walled stainless steel design, which keeps liquids warm while providing a cool exterior for safety.

With the recent increase in home working and the already high popularity of coffee, many individuals have been searching for the best methods and equipment available for making their favorite beverage. Furthermore, keeping a drink warm for prolonged periods is a key benefit for those who want to enjoy their drink over time.

Treehugger’s report details how SterlingPro’s French press provides an easy-to-use solution that meets the typical requirements of the at-home coffee drinker.

As detailed in the report, the French press incorporates several unique design features that allow it to be one of the most practical options for making hot drinks. With its stainless steel and double-walled insulation, the press can keep a drink warm much longer than the single-walled and glass alternatives.

Treehugger also highlights that, without plastic, the SterlingPro coffee press offers users a more environmentally friendly option. Furthermore, its steel material is highly durable, making it safer to use, rust-resistant, and dishwasher safe.

The filtration system of the French press is also reviewed within the report, as it offers an innovative two-screen design that adds a second pass that can eliminate all coffee grounds prior to pouring. This filtration method creates a clean, sediment-free drink without impacting a beverage’s brewing strength or flavor.

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As the report on the French press explains, “You’ll be able to enjoy cup after cup of warm coffee with the SterlingPro.”

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