Berrylook Aims to Break the Myths Around Shift Dresses With Consumer-Facing Policies

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( — July 23, 2021) — There is a widespread notion that shift dresses and maxi dresses are high-end fashion apparels that are only for top models and skinny women. Berrylook, a reputable online seller of different types of fashion dresses, recently aimed to break the myths by bringing certain changes in their policies. The owners of the online store met with the press here in California and said that they are now designing womens shift dresses for plus-size women too. In addition to that, the company has brought certain changes in its pricing policy. 

Speaking on this, one of the senior marketing executives of the company said, “Contrary to popular ideas, we have women’s shift dresses for every age and body type. We have maxi and shift dresses for young women, as well as middle-aged women. In addition to that, we have also added a plethora of plus-size dresses to our collection of dresses. Not only that, petite and even pregnant women can find a wide selection of products in our online store now.”

“The ease and flexibility of these dresses are extraordinary. This is what makes these dresses summer staples. However, these are ideal for colder months as well. Women just need to know what to pair the shift dresses with and if they can find and buy the right dresses and accessories, they can easily carry these cute dresses in all seasons”, he added. 

According to the executive, the company has also revised its pricing policy. Buyers can get free shipping on any purchase worth $99 or above. In addition to that, there are also Buy One Get One offers, coupon codes, and many more discounts and special offers that the buyers can easily grab. The executive told the press that they also arrange social media giveaways at regular intervals to pleasantly surprise their loyal fans on Facebook and other popular platforms. 

The CEO and managing director of the e-store said that the goal of the company is to increase awareness about retro fashion trends, such as maxi dresses and shift dresses. He maintained that the company will continue to add new designs to its collection through July and August this year. 

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