Perth AU Autism Visual Aid Routine Activity Management Creative Tool Launched

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Happy Hubble in Australia, announces the launch of its Routine and Reward cards, to be used as a visual aid for children with autism and special needs. The educational product helps children identify tasks to be done and then claim their reward card on completion.

Happy Hubble based in Perth, Australia, announces the launch of its latest sensory tool to help children with autism or special needs. The product is a Routine and Reward card system that encourages autistic children to become independent with their daily routines.

For more information visit their website at released product has been designed to help children develop life skills and live better with autism or the other challenges they have. Children feel motivated to complete activities and tasks when there is a tangible reward.

This Routine and Reward Card system developed by Happy Hubble is used as a visual aid for children and supports verbal cues and instructions. The cards have visuals of the activity to be done. When the activity is completed within the specified time limit, the child is given a reward card from the set.

With these routine cards, children know what is coming next. This reduces anxiety levels and keeps them calm. The system is designed to fit into children’s and parents’ everyday lifestyles and make autistic children more independent.

Happy Hubble supplies various types of sensory toys that can be used as therapy for special needs children. These developmental and educational toys can keep children occupied while honing their creative skills. The calm down kits and other products can effectively tackle a range of difficult situations and encourage them to cooperate.

The creators of these products are a young couple who have three autistic children and therefore have hands-on experience. They understand the need areas and have invested time and energy to develop the best tools, visual aids, and resources to help others in similar situations. The products are all tested and safe for use and have therapeutic benefits as well.

The support team at Happy Hubble can offer valuable advice and guidance to customers on products best suited for their application. Free shipping is also available anywhere in Australia on all orders above $35.

For more information visit their website at or call them on +61-407-089-794