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The creator of Australia’s Women on Amazon podcast has released her report on Dan Hollings’s crypto training program, offering both traders and investors a glimpse into its important concepts.

Women on Amazon, a top-rated podcast in Australia that specialises in business topics, has launched a video resource that introduces the concepts behind The Plan, Dan Hollings’s cryptocurrency training program. It features the podcast’s creator, Regina Peterburgsky, who was able to take part in the program’s beta release.

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The newly launched material offers a concise overview of The Plan’s features and basic ideas, particularly the concept of micro-trading. It also shows the benefits of these concepts on Ms Peterburgsky’s own crypto portfolio after she used them in trading for several days with real money.

The highlight of the video is a trading strategy that takes advantage of crypto’s volatility or its price fluctuations. The Plan’s approach allows for a trader to generate nominal yields multiple times consistently throughout the day.

According to Ms Peterburgsky, the $0.20 or $0.50 generated hourly through this method will eventually add up to a larger amount in the long term. Applying The Plan for an extended period is ideal, as it is a set-and-forget investing strategy that does not require additional tinkering.

In her demonstration, she shows four trading bots, three of which are set up according to The Plan’s rules. The one bot that is not following the system is the only one on a losing trend, while the rest are turning a profit.

After 18 days of trading, her portfolio was up by nearly 10% on average. Based on her calculations, she can predictably achieve over 180% in one year, a rate that is considerably higher compared to the annualised returns offered by banks and stocks.

When Ms Peterburgsky joined the beta, there were six training sessions and a Q&A portion. She said that new students may be treated to more training sessions in the current versions of the training program.

In her presentation, she likens The Plan to an “almost passive” investment strategy. Its hands-off nature makes it ideal for those who have little time for day trading, such as professionals and entrepreneurs who are involved in other endeavours.

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