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A newly updated social marketing software has been launched by Get True Branding. Called Tru Leads, it optimizes social content campaigns and enables easy scheduled posting for maximum engagement.

Get True Branding has announced a new update to its Tru Leads software, helping businesses across sectors to automate their social marketing campaigns. They empower business owners to schedule their content in advance, allowing them to grow their brand and increase engagement on all social channels.

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Content marketing has become one of the most impactful elements of any online advertising strategy. Now, through the updated Tru Leads software, clients can optimize their campaigns for maximum impact.

Tru Leads makes it easier for anyone to harness content automation and establish or grow their business. Automated social posts can lead to stronger branding, enhanced consumer trust, and increased engagement across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms.

Through implementing content automation, creators, businesses and entrepreneurs are able to spend more time on their projects and less time on admin tasks and the management of their social channels.

Content can be scheduled on 11 of the most popular social media sites, enabling business owners to plan their content calendar in detail. This allows them to more easily create posts around major events ahead of time, reducing stress and anxiety over their schedule.

Maintaining a clear content strategy is important for ensuring maximum engagement for businesses in any field. Tru Leads helps by simplifying the process and giving more entrepreneurs access to industry-leading solutions.

For clients wanting to implement content automation on their social channels, in-depth training is provided by the expert team.

The software allows businesses to more easily improve their brand awareness and generate inbound traffic from some of the most visited sites on the internet. Automated social media marketing can also lead to higher conversion rates because every post can direct customers to the company website.

Furthermore, because entrepreneurs are actively engaged on social channels, they can build trust and customer satisfaction with more reliability.

A spokesperson for the agency states: “We are the first company to create a software that allows you to schedule your content months ahead. We strive to give the power of creation back to the creator by giving them more time to discover new ways to express their art.”

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