Compact Montessori Table and Chair for Toddlers Furniture Launched

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Sapiens Child ( launched updated designs of their minimalist Montessori-inspired furniture to provide young children with tools that foster learning and independence.

Sapiens Child, a children’s furniture manufacturer based in Vancouver, Canada announced the launch of an updated range of products including a weaning table, chair, coat rack, and a shelf for toddlers. The business specializes in designing a wide range of compact, Montessori-focused furniture for kids. Sapiens Child considers your child’s mental, physical and emotional development a top priority. This is reflected in the environments they strive to create.

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The updated products aim to provide young children ages 1 through 4 years old with mindfully designed, compact furniture that encourages early childhood education and independence.

The Montessori method is centred on fostering a child’s natural instinct to develop on their own through the exploration of their interests and surroundings.

Sapiens Child was established due to the owners’ combined passion for carpentry and Montessori-style early childhood education. Parents to a toddler themselves, the founders started handcrafting learning-based toys and furniture that helped in their child’s early development.

Furthermore, living in a cozy apartment in Vancouver has compelled them to focus on producing furniture specifically designed for small spaces in order to offer the same space-saving solutions to other families living in condos or small abodes.

Sapiens Child currently offers three toddler furniture pieces under its self-development collection—Papaya Set Adjustable Table and Chair, Mango Coat and Shoe Rack, and Guava Bookshelf.

The Papaya Set Adjustable Table and Chair include a minimalist height-adjustable desk and seat designed to assist toddlers in the transition from a high chair to a regular table, discovering how to sit and stand, while also providing them with a designated place for learning.

The Mango Coat and Shoe Rack is a charming coat and shoe organizer designed to reinforce independence and organization at an early age. It also empowers children to self-dress and provides a place for them to sit while putting on footwear.

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The Guava Bookshelf is a compact floor shelf equipped with a handle, allowing parents to easily carry it from one room to another. Following the Montessori principle, it allows for the right amount of books to be displayed so a child can easily choose a book based on their interest.

All Sapiens Child furniture is made with stylish and sleek designs, kid-safe rounded edges, and is manufactured using durable materials.

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