Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Ecommerce Exchange Ecosystem Secure Marketplace Launch

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CrowdPoint launched its new Blockchain Ecosystem platform, aiming primarily at small and medium businesses looking to explore the benefits of emerging decentralized systems for ecommerce.

CrowdPoint, a digital platform provider, launched its blockchain ecosystem for small and medium businesses. Combining the benefits of blockchain, AI, compaction, and big data, the company seeks to create a more profitable, equitable marketplace for businesses to sell products and services.

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The recently launched platform provides smaller businesses with the latest adaptable tools for security and customer acquisition, making it easier to take advantage of decentralized systems for online marketing and sales.

With the emergence of blockchain technology as a means to store and transmit data absent a central point of compromise, it continues to grow in reputation as a secure, reliable way to conduct business online. While most commonly serving as both a transaction ledger and the backbone of digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, blockchain applications are evolving as technologies improve and the public becomes more receptive to practical implementations.

CrowdPoint looks to make the benefits of blockchain more accessible to smaller businesses looking for an all-in-one entry point into the growing sector.

The company’s Blockchain Ecosystem opens the door to a host of technical resources for sellers, along with access to millions of potential customers looking to exploit the freedom and security of decentralized exchanges for online commerce.

Platform participants range from simple purchasers to resellers and distributors, each occupying a level of engagement that best suits their purpose and budget. The potential for sales commissions and other incentives also exists courtesy of community programs that reward users for both business referrals and data use while interacting with the ecosystem.

For added service protection, the platform incorporates VRAI (Vigilant Robotic Artificial Intelligence) software into its exchange system, a next-generation security implementation that goes beyond consumer-grade antivirus to safeguard customer information and transaction integrity.

With this latest announcement, CrowdPoint continues its mission to help businesses explore the potential of blockchain as a viable source for new customers and revenue growth.

A company spokesperson said: “CrowdPoint was designed with everyone from the gig worker to the manufacturer in mind. The blockchain represents a future where everyone has the potential to win.”

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