Updated Service Launch For People Seeking Post Pandemic Addiction Rehab-Florida

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Addiction Aide (+1-802-231-1018) announced that they have launched updated services to help combat the increase of post-pandemic alcohol and substance abuse in Florida.

Addictionaide, an addiction treatment referral service with partners across the U.S, has launched updated services for people seeking rehabilitation from alcohol and substance abuse like Heroin addiction symptoms in Florida. The launch expands accessibility to a range of in-patient, out-patient, detoxification, and aftercare support programs in response to rising, pandemic-related addiction problems in the state.

More details can be found here https://www.addictionaide.com (+1-802-231-1018)

The newly updated services from Addictionaide make it simpler for Florida residents struggling with addiction issues and lockdown isolation to locate the right support services to manage their conditions.

While Florida is known for its beaches and warm climate, the state has a darker side with its many ports attracting drug traffickers to feed a growing substance abuse issue. The global health crisis has heaped more pressure on the region as people from all walks of life battle both illicit and prescription drug dependencies.

Addictionaide curates a comprehensive database of all the addiction treatment centers in Florida. The company website contains detailed information regarding center specialisms, facilities, and therapy services, as well as a host of educational content on addiction symptoms for substances such as Benzodiazepine.

All facilities listed on the site are fully approved and licensed by the state of Florida and offer a range of therapeutic solutions for those struggling with addiction. These include family, group, cognitive-behavioral, and recreational therapy sessions.

Addictionaide clients can benefit from the company’s call-back service by inputting their contact details into the website, ensuring they get the help they need when they need it.

Treatment centers across Florida also offer amenities such as private rooms, 24-hour care, and surveillance, qualified medical professionals, as well as meditation and mindfulness programs.

The Addictionaide mission is to provide a comprehensive directory of addiction support centers throughout the U.S. The team is committed to providing resources, information, and help to people at any stage of their recovery journey. Learn more here: Drug rehabs in Florida

A spokesperson says, “Finding an addiction treatment center can be confusing and challenging but it doesn’t have to be. We are here to help you choose. The treatment facility centers are hand-picked based on your unique needs.”



With the launch of its updated database to tackle rising addiction problems in FL, Addictionaide affirms its commitment to facilitating substance and alcohol abuse recovery for people throughout the region.

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