Amelia Rose Mail Order Bride – Historical Western Frontier Kindle Book Launched

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Amelia Rose has launched an updated book on Amazon, called “A Loving Heart for the Loyal Deputy.” It continues the Bear Creek Brides series, and is well suited to fans of historical romance.

An updated Amelia Rose book has been launched on Amazon, called “A Loving Heart for the Loyal Deputy.” As the sixth book in the popular Bear Creek Brides series, it features Deputy Tanner Williams and Bethany Duncan, and continues the mail order bride romantic saga.

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The newly updated book takes readers through the midpoint of a 12-book series. Each novel has different characters, but readers cite that they enjoy Amelia Rose’s fiction for its heartfelt romance and compelling plots.

Amelia Rose explains that she has always been a fan of romantic stories, and a childhood love for the genre led to a longing for the acting field. However, 10 years after graduating college, she discovered a love for telling stories, and this led her to pursue fiction.

Her backcatalogue of books includes the bestselling Montana Westward Brides series, along with Daisy Creek Brides and her Bear Creek Brides collection.

Bear Creek Brides began with “The Rescued Bride’s Savior”, commencing a compelling historical western series that has now reached 12 novels. Each story includes tense conflict on the frontier, heartwarming relationships, and action-packed drama that has led to a growing list of 5-star reviews.

“A Loving Heart for the Loyal Deputy” is set in 1893, and Deputy Tanner Williams feels as though life is passing him by. This leads to him wanting to find a wife that he can build a family with, and he posts an ad for a mail order bride.

Meanwhile, Bethany Duncan is desperate to escape Tennessee and begin a new adventure. Her father has mapped out a pre-determined course for her life, and she’s set on forging a new path.

A recent customer said: “This was an excellent book written by Amelia Rose and I enjoyed reading it. It’s the kind you can’t put down. A young woman and her maid, mail order bride, escaping her father, unwanted advances and marriage, stealing money, running away, catching a train, and more.”

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