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London, UK-based Phase Seven, an innovative new digital marketing agency, is announcing the launch of their multi-media and strategic content services to increase exposure for small businesses.

Phase Seven, a digital media agency headquartered in London, UK, is announcing the launch of their SEO and content innovation services. With a focus on helping local businesses capture top organic search engine positioning while elevating cross-platform exposure, Phase Seven is disrupting conventional marketing approaches to push their clients’ competitors aside, generate increased sales and drive company growth.

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Studies show that less than 5 percent of consumers who are looking for products or services online will advance beyond the first search engine page. Almost 70 percent of people who used their smartphone to find a local business visited the outlet within the next day. With the launch of Phase Seven’s strategic content and multi-platform solutions, local business owners now have the expertise they need to maximise search engine rankings and exposure, establish authority and gain market share within their sector.

The goal at Phase Seven is to level the commercial playing field so that small business owners with tighter marketing budgets can outperform their larger counterparts. With innovative, exposure-oriented strategies that place their clients at the top of search engine results pages, Phase Seven helps drive online traffic, increasing sales and initiating customer loyalty as a result.

An aggressive multi-media content strategy helps build client integrity and elicits trust among target audiences. 78 percent of consumers prefer getting to know a company through articles compared to ads. 70 percent believe that organizations providing custom content are interested in building relationships with them.

Statistics such as these mean investing in a well-crafted content deployment strategy will yield maximum returns. By targeting key search terms and leveraging cross-platform media, Phase Seven improves their clients’ brand authority, secures Google Maps listings and helps their clients dominate the local search results to attract in-market audiences and drive conversions.

The team of professional writers, media strategists and advertising experts at Phase Seven create powerfully targeted and compelling marketing campaigns that ignite curiosity and help their clients become a top-of-mind company.

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With the launch of their sophisticated digital media and content services, Phase Seven is poised to become a leader in cost-effective, one-stop-shop solutions for business owners in London, UK, who want innovative, brand-enhancing strategies without wasting resources on traditional hit and miss approaches.

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