What You Should Know If You Are Arrested For A Drug Charge

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Being arrested can be a very stressful situation as there is a chance you have done nothing wrong. There is a chance that you had someone in your car that ditched their drugs and being the driver, you have to take the charge. The most important thing to note is not to try to talk your way out of the charge. The police are required to charge someone or both parties if nobody confesses to the drugs being on their person. An arrest does not mean that you are a bad person but rather made a mistake. The following are things you should know when you are arrested for a drug charge. 

Remain Silent

Trying to talk your way out of a drug offense is usually not something that is possible. Don’t admit to anything as you are likely going to jail and will be convicted if you admit to anything. There are times where multiple parties are blamed for drugs in a car, do not admit something to help out a friend. Too many people think that they can charm the police when all they are looking for is more evidence. 

Hire A Private Attorney 

Finding a marijuana defense attorney or one that specializes in drug possession is important. These attorneys will work with prosecutors to get the charges dropped and have a relationship with them. Public defenders usually have so many cases that they might not be able to dedicate themselves to just one. Find an attorney in the area that has experience and relationships that can be leveraged. 

Getting Help Can Impact Your Sentence

Going to meetings or rehab can be a huge help as it shows you are getting help. Judges want the best for an offender if they are taking the steps to get help after an arrest. There are those that will still sentence a person to jail depending on the severity of their offense. Looking into NA meetings can be very important but it is nothing to be ashamed of for trying to improve your circumstances. Addiction is something that impacts people of all types and is something that most people cannot beat alone. 

First-Time Offenders Might Get Diversion Programs 

Pre-trial diversion programs are quite common for first-time offenders. This can include going to some sort of outpatient program or some sort of rehabilitation. There are so many options for people or you could be put in a program selected by the court. The ease of completing these programs are always going to be far more convenient than getting sober through spending time in jail. You do not want to fail at this program by not showing up or failing drug tests regularly. There will be far less leniency by a judge during sentencing if you failed to get the charges dropped. 

Getting arrested for a drug charge is not the end of the world. There are felony charges that are going to be much tougher than misdemeanors to defend. Certain drugs like cocaine are automatic felonies even if you have a personal amount.