Dorchester MA Burger Restaurant/Fried Chicken Fresh Locally Sourced Menu Launch

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Burger and fried chicken restaurant, BOSBurger (+1-617-533-7004) in Dorchester, MA, have launched an updated menu on their website, offering a selection of hormone-free, locally sourced burgers.

BOSBurger, an alternative burger restaurant based in Dorchester, MA, has launched updates to its website and menu. The company offers a range of locally sourced burgers, hot dogs, and fried chicken.

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The recently updated menu provides an affordable, fresh alternative to fast food chains for customers in the Massachusetts area.

Acquired in 2018, the owners of BOSBurger opt to prioritize using only fresh, locally sourced meat and poultry products, preparing and forming burgers in the restaurant each day to ensure their quality. All premium meat from the local burger joint is free from hormones and antibiotics, with a wide selection of alternative french fry options soon to be available following the 2021 refurbishment.

The restaurant’s menu offers a wide selection of appetizers, including waffles, sweet potato waffles, waffle fries, cajun waffles fries and a range of small to large chicken wing portions and onion rings for customers to try before their main meal.

As a burger joint, BOSBurger’s menu takes pride of place, offering items from a classic cheeseburger to a healthier BOSTurkey Burger option, and their Impossible Burger. All items on the burger menu can be ordered alone or as part of a meal, cooked to customer specifications, from rare to well done.

The restaurant’s burger menu is highly adaptable, providing a wide selection of add-ons, from traditional lettuce, onions and tomatoes to more unusual options like spinach, olives or banana peppers. Grilled and chicken sandwiches are also on the menu, along with hot dogs, milkshakes and desserts.

With the latest announcement, BOSBurger continues to invest in offering a range of locally sourced, responsible produce in the form of premium burgers for customers in Dorchester, MA, and the surrounding area.

A spokesperson for the company said: “At BOSBurger, we understand that no one ever really wants a ‘boring burger’. In fact, that’s why we’re committed to listening to our customers to offer the best menu of locally sourced burgers in Dorchester, made exactly how you want them, and cooked to perfection.”

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