Canadian Pharmacies Rx Prescription Medication Prices Online Comparison Launched

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eDrugSearch has launched an upgraded online comparison tool to help patients find the best international prices for prescription medication, safely and anonymously.

eDrugSearch, an online price comparison tool for prescription drugs, has launched expanded search and comparison capabilities for US patients seeking safe access to Canadian pharmacies. Their search engine allows patients to compare prices from verified and licensed pharmacies from outside the USA to find the lowest price.

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The recently launched improved search capabilities from eDrugSearch allow patients to search for their prescribed medication, and its particular dosage. The company’s website has a five-step process to compare and purchase medication from verified online pharmacies.

After searching for the correct dosage of a particular medication, patients will be taken to a comparison of the different costs, totaled per pill or for the entire set. Once a decision has been made, the patient can click on the verified pharmacy of their choice to safely make their purchase.

While the costs of medication will vary, eDrugSearch has found that most patients can expect to pay significantly less by purchasing internationally. In some instances, the prices in international markets have been as low as 97% less than the same product offered in the United States.

One of the benefits of eDrugSearch is the ability to search for generic brands of the same medication. This medication is just as effective, but often not available within the United States due to patenting restrictions. The company’s search engine automatically takes these factors into account to find the lowest prices for a particular medication, anywhere.

eDrugSearch is designed to make purchasing medication affordable and safe for everyone, so they have a built-in process that allows their search engine to avoid online scams. Purchases made through the search engine will only be from trustworthy international pharmacies that sell legally manufactured products.

As part of their effort to help their patients get every medication they require, the company also provides immediate access to saving codes for the medication they need. When searching for medication, patients will be able to view a coupon tab, which will include codes that can be used at checkout.

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