Global ID Verification – Time To Bid Farewell To Traditional ID Services

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( — July 28, 2021) —

When was the last time you entered your maidens’ name or the name of your first pet as a knowledge-based authentication to access a platform? The generation before us, who used the internet when it was a new thing used to practice such sort of verification methods. The advancement in technology transformed the identification ways and customers were directed to reach out to the sensitive platforms via the 2-factor authentications. All these measures combined did not cut the number of data breaches. Global ID verification is the solution for businesses to combat frauds. 

Conventional Verification Ways Are No Longer Useful For ID Verification Process 

2-factor authentication and knowledge-based questions are no longer sufficient for the technology-driven generation. Also, the security protocols used by these methods were not secure given that passwords and KB answers can easily be available over the internet. 

In most cases, fraudsters do not have to hack your system in order to gain the passwords or sensitive codes to trespass into your business. Rather everything is available on the internet because of the increased number of data breaches in the recent past. 

Even in the GDPR era, when everything is happening digitally and there are numerous ways to protect the system from fraudsters, the graph of identity theft frauds is destined to go upwards and forwards. This sort of environment required the businesses to opt for sophisticated ID verification systems to facilitate the customers with the best possible services. 

Traditional ID Verification Process: Increasing Number Of Identity Frauds 

None of the traditional methods of verification that we considered sophisticated before long ago, they come out with the chances of frauds that you cannot even think of. The frauds increasing with the rapid-fire speed are reflecting the lack of modernized ID verification systems. 

  1. Knowledge-Based Authentication 

Knowledge-based authentication is easily bypassed by fraudsters. The fact that data breaches have made a way for your information to be available on online sites is paving the way for criminals to use it against you. Almost every second user is now facing unfortunate events because of the theft of their sensitive credentials by the bad actors. Businesses can secure their customers’ information by online ID authentication measures. 

  1. Passwords 

Passwords were also in the spotlight for a long time. But the fact that they can be easily stolen and forgotten has reduced their value and usage by the customers. Todays’ generation which is accustomed to doing their tasks online within seconds will never become happy when they have to face problems like remembering long passwords. Because of their unsound nature, passwords immediately were replaced by the digital ID verification process. 

  1. Token-Based Authentication 

Token-based identification also is unlikable by the customers because of the fact that customers have to carry the tokens with them wherever they go and also they are non-transferable. There are chances that customers may lose their token which will cause them to face a lot of problems and becomes a hurdle in their verification.

Facial Biometric Verification – Advanced Global ID Verification Process

Global ID verification is the solution for all the problems related to identity theft fraud. The significant use of the system is because of its proceedings being completed in real-time. Customers when they want a robust and convenient way to get their work done, the ID verification process is perfect to cater to their needs. Facial biometric verification is the most beneficial method to verify the identity of the customers. 

Among all the online ID authentication, facial recognition tops the list. Customers can get their identification done from the comfort of their homes and within seconds. The authenticity of results is also driving businesses crazy to opt for this system as part of their security protocols. 

Global ID verification is done with facial recognition and is used by almost every merchant regardless of the nature of their work. Customers are verified by using the ID documents and are required to submit their selfies for the system to verify their identity based on their unique facial characters. 

Manual Vs Digital ID Verification 

The traditional ways were in common practice when the internet was not so common and it was a thing to have access to online platforms. A time when not everybody had easy access to the internet meant that individuals were still using the manual means to get their tasks done. Human resources being involved in the process are a way to tell the users that the ID verification can have chances of false results. The mere thought that you have to carry your documents and visit the workstations is enough to annoy a user to dislike the steps included in the procedures. This uneasiness was made convenient by the use of deploying an online ID verification process. 


Many verification systems incorporate vulnerabilities that fraudsters exploit to cause a problem in their workflow. Global ID verification is the solution to combat challenges like online identity theft and fraudulent activities. Traditional ways to verify customers are no longer in use because of their unauthentic result production services. Digital ID verification is very beneficial and authentic when it comes to identifying the customers for businesses.