Streaming Platform With Snip Sharing and listening for Quotes/Speeches Launched

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Vurbl, a streaming platform with a multiple unique features for curating audio content like podcasts, interviews, speeches, spoken word and sound effects has just been released.

Vurbl, a streaming service with unique features for curating audio content such as podcasts, speeches and spoken word, has just been launched.

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The release of the platform will help listeners access, create and share audio content with Vurbl’s unique playlist and snippet features.

Streaming services have seen a significant increase in popularity in recent years, with new customers increasing by 31% each year. Podcasts and other audio content have also grown in popularity. There are currently about 100 million regular podcast listeners in the United States alone. Despite the popularity of audio-centric content, most streaming platforms focus on largely video or music.

Vurbl responds to these trends by releasing a new streaming service with over 25 million audio titles, including audiobooks, speeches, podcasts, guided meditations, interviews, sound effects and more. Moreover, the platform’s many unique features make curating audio content both accessible and simple.

One of Vubrl’s components is the snippet feature, which enables listeners to seamlessly cut and share their favorite segments of audio. The snippet feature will allow users to create short audio segments for their own podcasts, embed audio segments on websites, share clips on social media or simply gather their favorite audio clips together.

The streaming service also uses the playlist format to enable listeners to curate their own audio content playlists that can be shared across various social media platforms. Listeners can also explore and share playlists created by other Vurbl users.

The playlist format makes audio content both digestible and easy to follow. Vurbl’s ‘Stellar Science Fiction Podcasts’, for example, features 8 different podcast episodes within the science fiction genre. This curated playlist will enable those interested in the science fiction easily find an interesting podcast within the genre.

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This latest announcement is in line with the platform’s commitment to making curated audio-centric content accessible and digestible to listeners.

A spokesperson for the company said: “All of us at Vurbl are excited to announce our new streaming platform for audio content. With over 25 million titles and our unique snippet feature, we believe that Vurbl will help users curate and listen to more of the audio content they love.”

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