Restaurant Social Media Marketing – Custom Birthday Club Program Services Launch

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A digital marketing agency, F & J Online Enterprise, introduces a solution for restaurants seeking creative ways to attract more customers. It involves targeting birthday celebrators on social media.

Digital marketing agency F & J Online Enterprise LLC launches a new service for restaurants looking to increase their customers. The service employs a social media strategy that specifically targets diners who are celebrating their birthdays.

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With the newly launched service, the agency helps restaurants establish a birthday club that they can customize based on their specific needs.

The National Restaurant Association puts the number of Americans who dine out on their birthdays at over 70%, representing a market segment that can very well benefit a restaurant’s revenue given the right strategy. Birthday party reservations are composed of three to four people, on average, with a spend of around $78 per table.

F & J Online Enterprise follows a straightforward process to help their clients get a share of this market. They begin by placing a carefully crafted social media ad on the restaurants’ behalf, with a focus on attracting the people who are about to celebrate their birthdays and are likely to spend on their celebrations.

To help restaurant owners maximize their ad investments, the agency collects contact information, making it easy to keep in touch with new customers. The digital marketing experts also leverage a proprietary system that lets them send automated follow-ups in the form of SMS and email reminders.

Through their latest service offering, F & J Online Enterprise enables restaurant owners to tap not just a lucrative niche, but also increase customer show rates through their innovative technology.

One of the agency’s satisfied clients states, “Excited about the increase in the number of captured leads. Other methods had produced a maximum of 200 leads. We did 10x that number. The leads have since been put into follow-up campaigns which have produced ongoing sales and revenue.”

The digital marketing agency welcomes the opportunity to walk potential clients through the details of their custom birthday club marketing program. Interested parties may book a free 15-minute initial consultation to determine if the service matches their objectives for their restaurant.

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