Merchant Chargeback/Dispute Prevention For Ecommerce Payment Protection Launched

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eComDefender has launched its subscription-based e-commerce fraud and dispute mitigation service offering protection against chargeback fraud, malicious bots, and other website attacks.

E-commerce fraud and dispute mitigation company, eComDefender, has launched its chargeback fraud prevention management service protecting e-commerce websites against chargeback fraud, malicious bots, and other forms of e-commerce attacks.

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eComDefender’s new services make it easier to manage fraud and unwarranted dispute incidents on e-commerce websites. The company works with card issuers to control fraudulent chargebacks and has developed an artificial intelligence system that automates dispute mitigation processes at multiple points of e-commerce transactions.

Despite its rapid growth, the e-commerce industry struggles with malicious attacks such as email phishing, account takeover attacks, and chargeback fraud. Chargeback fraud occurs when a client fraudulently applies for a refund on a completed transaction from their payment system issuer. This is often difficult to address due to merchants being unable to see the dispute in time to challenge it.

eComDefender’s clients can use their services to apply authentication functionality on their e-commerce websites. eComDefender offers pre-sale and post-sale dispute mitigation services which allow their clients to verify indicators of fraudulent activity and manage dispute cases as soon as they are initiated.

eComDefender creates a link to major card carriers, allowing e-commerce sites to be notified of dispute claims in time to address them. The service also utilizes a smart scoring system to help e-commerce sites identify potential fraud cases based on information gathered from various data sources.

The platform has been designed in a format that can be used by any online merchant or web manager. E-commerce websites can utilize the service to communicate with their customers directly. This provides the added advantage of managing dispute resolution and customer engagement without having to leave the platform. The service is billed monthly and can be canceled at any time.

A representative said, “Our fully customizable fraud and dispute mitigation platform maximizes merchant order approvals and reduces credit card fraud. Once eComDefender is active, your dashboard allows you to access live data and effectively manage 3DS transactions, descriptors, Verifi alerts, Ethoca alerts, and fraud scoring.”

Interested parties can apply for a free trial, request a demo, or learn more about eComDefender’s services by visiting the company website here: