Chef Alain Lemaire Meal Plans Recipies – Caribbean Home Cooking Service Expanded

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An online meal planning service that matches chef’s recipes to its subscribers’ tastes has announced that it has added Chef Alain Lemaire to its line-up of celebrity chefs.

Chef and I, a meal planning subscription service that matches its subscribers’ tastes to a specific chef’s recipes based on their cuisine or dietary preferences has announced Chef Alain Lemaire will be joining its line-up of celebrity chefs. More details can be found at

The addition of Chef Alain Lemaire to Chef and I’s service will be of interest to home cooks looking to add extra spice, heat and soulful flavors to their weekday dinners.

Chef Alain Lemaire, originally from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, is the owner of the Miami-based luxury catering service, Sensory Delights Catering, where he is known for his signature caribbean dishes, including Cajun Shrimp with Plantains, Creole Chicken, and Banana Leaf Wrapped Snapper. He has also regularly appeared on the Food Network, including appearances on the TV shows Chopped and Cutthroat Kitchen.

Chef and I subscribers who select Chef Alain Lemaire’s as their preferred chef will receive a weekly meal plan for three weekday evening meals and a fourth “Chef’s Special” recipe which could be anything from a special breakfast or dessert. In addition, once subscribers have selected a meal plan, they can download a shopping list with all the ingredients they need for the week, helping them save money and time.

Each recipe is accompanied by a walk-through video filmed by the chef who shares his passion for Caribbean food and his secrets of how to cook restaurant-quality food at home. The step-by-step videos demonstrate how cooking delicious and healthy food at home doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful.

Chef Alain Lemaire joins a prestigious line-up of chefs who bring their own unique flavors to the Chef and I service. Popular meal plans currently include traditional home cooking favorites, vegan, dairy and grain-free, and local and global cuisines.

A spokesperson for Chef and I said, “We are delighted to welcome Chef Alain Lemaire to our line-up of celebrity chefs. His Caribbean style cooking is already proving popular with our subscribers who are enjoying cooking his recipes and following his tips to create their own delicious meals at home.”

More information about Chef and I’s collaboration with Chef Alain Lemaire and other celebrity chefs is available at