Kintsugi Manifestation Bowls For Attracting Abundance – Self Care Range Launched

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A new range of manifestation bowls has been launched by Finding Your Inner Phoenix. They’re designed to increase self love and improve daily routines through focused goal attainment exercises.

Finding Your Inner Phoenix has launched a new range of manifestation bowls for those seeking more abundance in their life. It’s well suited for anyone in recovery, life coaches, mystics and wellness practitioners, as well as entrepreneurs seeking to increase focus and achieve their goals.

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The newly launched product range is intended to help customers develop a growth mindset and achieve their dreams by harnessing the law of attraction.

Studies show that the practice of manifestation can develop deep-rooted habits and behaviors that lead to more people experiencing the outcomes they desire. The unique bowls offered through Finding Your Inner Phoenix are designed to help customers harness their drive, determination and productivity while improving their overall lifestyle.

Manifestation is centered on intentional action grounded in a strong belief. Based on the idea that intention and thought can materialize action or results in reality, the practice makes it easier to articulate goals and define an actionable path forward to achieve them.

Manifestation can help people to shape their feelings and life experiences, while improving their motivation. It’s most beneficial for those with the discipline and self motivation to act on the steps required to achieve their goals.

Customers are encouraged to choose a bowl that aligns with their spirit on the Finding Your Inner Phoenix store. They can then fill their bowl with high-vibrational messages, items, or keepsakes. Popular examples include handwritten notes, thoughts or work targets.

By bringing these manifestations into reality and keeping them visible in the bowl, customers are more likely to act on the strategy needed to turn desire into reality.

Finding Your Inner Phoenix explains that each bowl in the store has been designed with self love in mind. Customers will find an inscription on their chosen bowl, alongside detailed instructions on how to implement the product as part of a daily routine.

A recent customer said: “This bowl is gorgeous. Even without the spiritual love and balance, it makes a beautiful addition to my living space. With spiritual love and balance, it’s a new favorite tool and piece of art. Even when I am not with the bowl, I imagine being next to it and holding it, and I easily remember to honor my affirmation of self love.”

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