3 Summer Jobs for Anyone Looking for Short-Term Work

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(Newswire.net — August 2, 2021) — Short-term work for summer has become somewhat hard to come by. Brick and mortar establishments, which usually hire summer help, are seeing an ever-decreasing footfall due to the raging pandemic. However, all isn’t gloomy. Finding a part-time job is complex these days, and that is why we have created a list of 3 summer jobs that anyone can do.

More and more fresh ideas are turning into digital brands and companies. As Michael Ross, Business Development Director from HillTopBazaar, rightfully points out, “mid-2020 onwards, ideas that are internet-centric and well-marketed digitally are seeing greater adoption rates and trust.”

Key proof of this is the increased purchases from e-commerce stores. Those who hesitated in the fresh past and preferred a local pickup are seeing the advantages and quality of service that online retailers provide.

The world is becoming a digital space for purchasing, selling, communicating, and ideating. With this change, all sorts of new opportunities have come up to get a short-term summer gig.

#1. Customer Service

Alt – Customer support. Link.

Customer service technicians are always in demand. Virtual or telephone support is a great way to make some extra pocket money during the summer holidays. There is a chance you can even do it remotely. 

The pandemic sure has shut businesses down, but as they come back online, they have an urgent need of people who can handle customer support so the managers can focus better on business growth.

#2. Lead Generation

Alt – Online Lead Generation is Always in Demand. Link.

Companies are shifting to online lead generation avenues to find more customers. It’s a more reliable method and one that allows much better control over targeting. Conventional advertising isn’t enough anymore. COVID-19 has created a scenario very different from what we’re used to in terms of marketing and advertising.

The digital marketing firm HillTopBazaar recently came out with some research into this matter. According to their study, even startups are choosing lead generation as their preferred and primary method of navigating these uncertain waters. 

As such, there’s plenty of benefits to joining a firm that’s looking for people to do lead generation. The skills are easy to pick up and very future-proof.

#3. Data Entry

Data entry is a great way to earn a steady side income this summer. They are always in demand, and they can turn into a viable career position. Companies are adjusting to this pandemic and finding ways to cope uniquely. A core aspect of the coping mechanism is shifting the work to cloud servers. At the same time, automation is playing an important role.

Both cloud services and automation require a vast amount of data management and number crunching. The software will manage it all, but data entry people are required to feed and maintain the necessary information. 

Additional Short-Term Job Opportunities

Couldn’t find something to your liking? Well, the first step is searching on local job boards. It’s more than likely that each job-finding portal worth its salt has something in your region. Go over there and set the temp work filter. You’ll surely find something that fits the bill.

If that’s not the way you want to go about it and are generally more flexible and open to exploring opportunities that are more in-demand, then here’s a list of remote jobs that pay the most right now:

  1. Writers and editors – everything from an online blog to a magazine. This is a good place to start searching for clientele.
  2. Accountancy – many new businesses designed around fresh ideas have cropped up in recent months, and they’re all looking for reliable accountants.
  3. Online teaching and training – from parents looking for help for their kids to students looking to pick up new skills in their free time, if you have what it takes then finding a gig is easy.
  4. Social media management – somewhat linked to #2, newer businesses are finding it hard to manage their social presence, especially given how maintaining a digital presence is critical to stay relevant in the internet age. The digital marketing firm HillTopBazaar has provided new insights that tell us that the value of social media is now more critical than ever.

Remember, the first step is to start searching. The longer you sit at home with nothing to do, the harder it will be for you to start the process. Good luck!