Vurbl Launches Campaign To Make Short-Form Audio Highlights Go Viral

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Vurbl has launched a campaign to make and monetize short-form audio files from longer full episode files. Its new ‘Snippet’ tool lets users clip portions from their favorite audio files to make them shareable with the potential for these poignant audio moments to go viral.

Vurbl, a company based in California that curates and optimizes audio files such as podcasts and audiobooks, has launched a campaign to introduce the world to its snippet tool that allows creators and listeners to make podcast/audio trailers or highlights go viral.

The history of viral video and Vurbl’s own data on short-form versus long-form audio demonstrates that long-form does not go viral while short-form video and audio does. The tool leverages this data to help creators distribute their audio and optimally gain more listeners.

Anyone interested in making audio highlights go viral are encouraged to create a Vurbl account and submit their audio highlight or clip through the form on Vurbl’s website.

The recently updated platform now allows listeners to create topic-based audio playlists with snippets. The tool enables people to include podcasts, audio clips, and more in a singular playlist. As a result, listeners can listen to all of their favorite audio clips in one place and create highlight clips that can be shared on their podcasts or across social media.

The company is one of the first to create an audio-centric platform that enables its users to create and edit curated playlists. Vurbl differs from other text-based sites because it allows users to create curated playlists with a wide range of audio recordings. Snippets from this campaign are to be featured in a heavily promoted playlist dedicated to the best audio highlights of the week, where you can currently see examples from early adopters such as Superpunk Radio, Shape The System, or The Unseen Paranormal Podcast.

Users are able to create and curate content across a multitude of topics, such as wellbeing, ASMR, mindfulness, and travel. Other popular themes include comedy, true crime, and gaming.

A spokesperson for the company explains, “Vurbl is a trailblazing audio platform that specializes in making the curation of content both accessible and simple. Whether it’s podcast highlights or quotes and speeches from topic area experts, making snippets with Vurbl can help any audio creator craft short-form audio clips that can go viral and monetize their performance.”

Use of their snippet tool is the main theme of their current campaign. This tool lets listeners cut audio highlights, make trailers or highlight moments from various recordings, and add that portion to their playlist, instead of adding the entire file. Users can then gather all of their snippets together and access them in one place or share individual snippets for promotion and viral opportunities.

The function lets users enjoy continuous listening, easily access important quotes and highlights from their favorite audio files, and organize audio clips by topic.

Vurbl is an audio platform with a wide range of audio stations and broadcasts, across news, finance, wellbeing, self-care, and more. They allow users to upload their own audio clips, listen to their large selection of complementary audio files, and monetize their short-form audio files through snipping and amplifying listens.

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