Cincinnati OH Food Manufacturer GS1 Image Compliance/Production Services Update

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Foodservice branding specialists Food Marketing Solutions (+1-480-534-7563) have updated their GS1 Images division, providing image and associated data compliance for culinary products.

Food Marketing Solutions, national branding strategists for the food service industry based in Scottsdale, AZ, have launched updates to their GS1 Images division. The launch provides food retailers and the hospitality industry with high-end, GS1 compliant images for product demonstration and promotion.

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The newly updated services provide a comprehensive package of images for use in sales sheets, websites, social media platforms and menu displays. Clients can continue to use the images for other purposes besides GS1 compliance.

GS1 refers to a set of global standards and rules for the storage of digital images and how they relate to commercial products. These dictate the quality and size of image that must accompany a product to facilitate any output format that may be required. The GS1 standard is applied in conjunction with the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) which identifies a product, along with the minimum associated data requirements outlined in the Trade Item Integration Guideline.

GS1 Images ensure prompt production and delivery of all images they produce, and that they meet the necessary standards. They also provide full file editing including box enhancements, color, saturation and lighting adjustments.

Clients benefit from automatic GTIN formatting and seamless upload of their order to their domain of choice.

The company compile a master shot list in conjunction with clients, including product numbers, item descriptions and any culinary preparation that may be needed. They make sure that frozen products are thawed before images are rendered.

GS1 Images also offer a range of options for the return or disposal of food products used in the shoots. These include delivery to food banks and community organizations or, if preferred, returning the items to manufacturers.

Food Marketing Solutions has been providing food branding services and marketing strategies for the retail and hospitality industry for over 20 years. Through GS1 Images the company offer expanded facilities for high-end, stylish glamour shots for food products of all kinds.

A spokesperson says, “We implemented GS1 compliance product photography based off of our current clients’ needs for professional product images. Our studios are centrally located in Phoenix, AZ and Cincinnati, OH.”

With the launch of their updated food product image services, Food Marketing Solutions and GS1 Images continue to make commercial compliance for food marketing swift, simple and affordable.

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