US Skype Hypnotherapy Sessions – Trauma Anxiety And Depression Treatment Updated

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Sasha Carrion announces an update to her services to include phone and Skype hypnosis sessions. The certified hypnotherapist has been treating patients around Los Angeles, California for 14 years.

Hypnotherapist Sasha Carrion has expanded her range of services to include online sessions. Patients can now book appointments for remote therapy on her website.

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Through combined hypnotherapy and life coaching, these online sessions will help clients remove blocks and succeed in life in a post-pandemic world.

Sasha Carrion has been providing Los Angeles, California patients with virtual hypnotherapy, life coaching and releasing services for 14 years. Her practice is informed by her own experiences of childhood trauma and resulting anxiety and depression.

It was not until Carrion used hypnotherapy that she was able to work through her past and find personal success. Since getting certified, Sasha has become a leading hypnotherapist and life coach in Los Angeles.

Each online session will enable clients to get help for a variety of mental health issues from the comfort of their own home. Sasha has found that many of the clients prefer to be hypnotized while at home, as they can relax more easily.

The phone and video sessions give patients the same individual care and attention as an in-office appointment, but with added flexibility. The virtual sessions are available for clients based across the United States and internationally.

Clients can also opt to get a hypnotherapy session while at work. This is ideal for those with a couch or a comfortable private area in their office. The space does not need to be completely free of noise, just quiet enough to perform the session without distraction.

Prior to hypnotizing the client, Sasha will discuss all goals. She will then develop a customized list of suggestions that will be the basis for her sessions..

This latest announcement is in line with Sasha’s commitment to providing clients with the tools they need to reach their personal development goals. Moreover, Sasha has gained a strong reputation for her services and high-level of patient care.

Sasha Carrion is confident that her virtual sessions are just as effective as in-person appointments. She said: “I’ve found that once you close your eyes, it’s the same as if you were sitting in the recliner in my office. The most important thing for a good session is trust.”

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