Manifest FX Stock/Forex Trading Basics Strategy Tools And Video Courses Launched

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Manifest FX have launched a new range of trading education courses covering stock and Forex trading, with video tutorial and tools suitable for individuals at any level of experience.

Online trading education company Manifest FX has launched new video courses covering stock and Forex trading basics. The company also offers monthly and annual packages with access to the “Design Your Destiny” trading software and trading strategy tools.

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Launched through the Forex & Crypto Academy, Manifest FX states that these courses are suitable for novices who feel they have insufficient knowledge to begin trading, those who have unsuccessfully attempted trading, and successful traders currently seeking methods to boost profits.

They also offer a complimentary video tutorial that will help participants understand three simple trading strategies. Firstly, the opportunities that the moving average reveals, what each of the four moving average types is good for, and finally, the three most popular moving average strategies.

The courses on offer include Trading Basics, where students learn the essentials about market potential, identifying products, understanding basic trading terminology, and avoiding common mistakes. Manifest also offers a Technical Trading course which introduces the concept and application of fundamental and technical analysis and the use of chart patterns and indicators. Strategic Trading covers intermediate to advanced concepts including the Japanese Candlestick pattern, Fibonacci trading tools, and Elliott Wave Theory.

Manifest FX packages include access to “Design Your Destiny” an AI trading Software and the Platinum Elite package includes access to the Forex and Crypto Academy, stocks and shares analysis, and market insights. The premium CEO Club package is limited to 1000 spots.

Manifest FX was founded by entrepreneur, investor, and influencer Jimmy Bennett. His founding partner Josh Felts is a noteworthy educator, speaker, and investor, a longstanding banking industry professional, and co-founder of Better Payment Solution LLC.

A spokesperson for Manifest FX states, “We can’t make you a millionaire overnight, but we can show you how to trade consistently to begin living the life you’ve always dreamed of.”

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