UK CPD Certified Online Business Foundation Course – Diploma Program Updated

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The Internet Business School in London has updated its programs with a CPD-accredited online marketing course, offering participants an all-inclusive source of knowledge for starting a digital venture.

The Internet Business School, a London-based digital marketing education provider, has updated its offerings with a three-day diploma course on how to start an online enterprise. The program is accredited by the CPD Certification Service, an independent institution that evaluates the effectiveness of a learning activity.

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The newly updated training program seeks to provide participants with a solid foundation in digital marketing and its related disciplines. It will show them how to take a business idea from conception to roll out and the strategies to make it profitable.

The course covers the full spectrum of digital marketing, starting with website creation all the way to turning web traffic into revenue. Initially, the course will tackle business modelling, market research, product creation, and website development.

The selling process is taken up in the second portion of the course. Here, various marketing tactics, such as SEO, mobile marketing, and video marketing, will be discussed in detail.

Its final section introduces more tools like PPC and social media. It also teaches how to list one’s business on Google to increase its visibility and when to outsource to reduce overheads.

Because digital marketing is in a state of flux, novel approaches are being developed by marketers all the time. The company keeps its program up to date by filming new material a minimum of three times annually, taking into account the latest developments in the field.

Upon completion, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from the CPD Certification Service. The Internet Business School stated that, apart from being proof of one’s knowledge, it can act as a Certificate of Professional Development, which can be shown to employers.

This program is the brainchild of Simon Coulson, one of the most well-regarded internet marketers in the UK. Mr Coulson has trained over 1,000 online entrepreneurs since he founded the Internet Business School in 2007.

This latest addition to his dossier of training programs has already received positive reviews from its alumni. “Packed with relevant information for this progressive digital age. This course is coherent and the content very usable, recommended, with really good tutors in Simon, Ben, and the team,” one student wrote.

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