Landlord Lock Change for Tenant Eviction in Palo Alto CA

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With the Californian moratorium on rental evictions expected to end soon, Palo Alto-based Go Pro Locksmith (650-249-3130) launches a new report discussing the potential outcomes.

Palo Alto, California-based Go Pro Locksmith has launched a new report discussing the current moratorium on evictions and the potential demand for locksmiths following its expiry.

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With the moratorium expected to expire in the near future, the recently released report also provides advice and insights into the process of eviction and the role that professional locksmiths will play.

The pandemic had a significant economic impact across the US, causing many to experience financial difficulties. A number of states, including California, enacted laws to prevent the eviction of tenants who were unable to pay rent due to such hardships.

As the new report explains, those laws are not permanent. When they conclude, it is expected that tenants will be required to commence paying full monthly rents again, in addition to an initial 25% of rent owing from the period of non-payment.

Landlords who do not receive the required payments will be entitled to evict their tenants. Go Pro Locksmith points out that this involves a 4-stage process that includes giving notice, filing an Unlawful Detainer suit, obtaining an eviction date from the sheriff, and finally clearing out of the property.

The report continues to outline what might occur at the expiry of the current moratorium. As many tenants may still not be in a position to pay full rent, it is possible that there will be a significant spike in evictions. In that event, the author suggests that demand for professional locksmith services could be high, and landlords are advised to make appropriate bookings beforehand.

Servicing the Palo Alto and San Bruno areas, Go Pro Locksmith has extensive experience in both commercial and residential evictions. In order to assist landlords in the adequate protection of their properties, the company plans to have technicians within a 1-mile radius, and able to respond within 15 to 30 minutes, on the date that the moratorium expires.

A company representative stated: “If the moratorium ends as is predicted, there will be an influx of evictions carried out soon after. At this time, it will be crucial to have hired a reliable locksmith due to the influx of evictions, busy or booked locksmiths, and the urgent need for lock changes.”

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