Research Stresses Dandelion’s Ability to Fight UTIs and Skin Aging

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( — August 11, 2021) Orlando, FL — Urinary tract infections (UTIs) continue to be one of the reasons why the increase in the demand for antibiotics today. 

Over decades, scientists have been researching the therapeutic remedies for this infection. It may or may not produce symptoms, but when it does it leads to pain while urinating. Individuals with this infection may also suffer from a burning sensation while peeing and an increased urge to urinate. 

The use and demand for antibiotics continue to soar, and one major reason is the high prevalence of UTIs. Experts warn that antibiotics can produce dangerous side effects, especially when they are misused. Some remedies are backed by research studies due to their ability to help ward off the infection. 

After peeing or a bowel movement, it is wise to wipe from front to back. This could be significantly helpful in inhibiting bacteria from reaching the urethra and vagina. It is similarly important to empty the bladder after having sexual intercourse. 

It is also recommended to avoid the use of potentially irritating feminine products. These include douches and powders that may irritate the urethra. These are all found helpful in reducing the odds of infection.

The onset or recurrence of this infection may be potentially inhibited through the use of all-natural remedies like dandelion. Dandelions are found helpful due to their ability to increase urine production, which is vital in flushing UTI-causing toxins from the body. This natural remedy could be a helpful addition to the remedies people use in reducing the odds of infection. 

There are many interesting facts about dandelion, and one is that it could aid in fighting the signs of skin aging. 

Scientists carried out animal and test-tube research studies and found that dandelion works in protecting against skin damage from sunlight, aging, and acne. 

In a study, researchers found the use of dandelion leaf and flower extracts offered protection against skin damage when applied just before or immediately after exposure to UVB radiation (sunlight).  

It is important to realize that aging skin usually experiences reduced production of healthy, new skin cells. The good news is that according to a test-tube study, the use of dandelion root extract enhanced the generation of new skin cells. This, according to experts, could slow the aging process.

This natural remedy has also been able to demonstrate its ability to decrease skin inflammation and irritation. At the same time, it works in enhancing hydration as well as collagen production, which may be useful in preventing certain types of acne. 

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