Warm Lap Throw For Colder Weather Launched – Wrap up with The Warmer Upper

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LapWrap, LLC announced new updates to its user-friendly ergonomic lap throw. The Warmer Upper is optimally suited to counter cold temperatures inside and outdoors with Polartec Thermal Pro fabric.

The Warmer Upper, a multifunctional lap throw specifically designed for the comfort of seated users, has been launched with new updates by LapWrap, LLC. Manufactured in the United States with locally sourced fabric, the hypoallergenic blanket is now available for customers worldwide.

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The newly updated Warmer Upper lap throw is provided in preparation for colder weather in the coming winter, serving as an ideal lightweight blanket in the home. With a wholly unique seat wing design, The Warmer Upper is expressly made to comfortably wrap around users as they rest on chairs and couches.

Alongside the physical discomfort and risks associated with low temperatures in the home, studies show that feeling chilly on a daily basis can contribute to diminished mental health among adults and seniors. To help combat the cold, The Warmer Upper is intended as a safe solution for keeping warm without the need to rely on potentially dangerous electric space heaters.

Users will further benefit from the product’s storage options and additional charging capabilities. It can be ordered in tandem with a 6ft USB cable, enabling users to keep their mobile devices powered up. Moreover, its clear-view pouch is both touch-sensitive and removable, ensuring the security of cell phones, tablets, and eyeglasses at all times.

The company further emphasized that The Warmer Upper’s capacity as a cold-weather accessory also extends to outdoor settings. Manufactured with snug Polartec Thermal Pro fabric and premium-quality yarns, the product is suited to keep users cozy and comfortable even when camping or attending sports events at open-air stadiums.

“No more cold bleacher seats,” remarked one satisfied customer. “It is brilliantly designed for seated users – while I’m sitting on part of it, the other half folds over my lap. The best part is the fact that I can put my phone in the clear-view pocket and always know where it is whenever I get up to cheer. I can’t tell you how many parents have asked where I got it.”

With the latest announcement, The Warmer Upper is brought to customers across the globe as a deluxe ergonomic warmth accessory. It is available in both beige and gray styles as per customer preferences.

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