Evanston IL Mental Health Stress Management/Life Transitions Counseling Launched

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Evanston, IL – YourTime Counseling (‪708-247-5668) is a new online therapy service launched by Shalini Van Ecka, MSW, LCSW. The entirely virtual sessions help clients with stress management.

Licensed clinical social worker, Shalini Van Ecka, MSW, announced the launch of her online therapy services for residents in Evanston, Illinois. Van Ecka guides clients towards better stress management and life transition strategies through cognitive behavioral therapy.

More details can be found at https://www.yourtimecounseling.org/services

The newly launched website addresses the growing demand in the market for virtual mental health services. Named YourTime Counseling, the website allows clients to schedule several online sessions with Van Ecka for their specific psychological concerns, from anxiety and depression to self-esteem to learning necessary coping skills.

According to a recent mental health study conducted by the Centers for Disease and Control, increasingly more adults are experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression. Of this population, experts estimate that less than half receive the necessary care they need due to a lack of available therapists and counselors.

Shalini Van Ecka says that mental health therapy should be affordable and accessible. She created YourTime Counseling to help adults in Illinois find the care they need at cost-effective prices. Each session costs $130 for 50 minutes.

YourTime Counseling is an entirely online service and offers sessions every Wednesday to Friday, from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Van Ecka says that her teletherapy packages benefit those suffering from severe stress, whether from work or triggered by personal issues. Further information can be found at https://www.yourtimecounseling.org/about

Her stress management therapy sessions guide clients to identify their triggers and how to manage them healthily. Van Ecka explains that this is a more realistic approach to therapy, as sometimes people cannot eliminate a stressor, especially if the stressor is work-related.

The social worker also emphasizes that major life changes can impact mental health. These life transitions do not necessarily have to be negative. Even positive events, such as marriage or birth, can affect a person’s daily life.

Van Ecka also serves clients in Chicago, Arlington Heights, Schaumburg, Oak Lawn, Hammond, Orland Park, and surrounding areas. Clients are encouraged to schedule a free 15 minute consultation prior to booking an appointment.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://www.yourtimecounseling.org