Carlsbad California Cattail Removal Water Weed Control Services Launched

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Aquatic weed removal specialist DK Environmental has launched its cattail removal services in Carlsbad, CA to help protect the beauty and recreational uses of bodies of water in the area.

Aquatic vegetation removal specialist DK Environmental has announced the expansion of their services in California with the launch of their cattail removal service in Carlsbad. The company offers mechanical aquatic weed removal services using amphibious Aquamogs exclusively designed for Western United States environments.

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With their cattail removal and control services, DK Enviromental aims to assist in maintaining the beauty and recreational use of lagoons, lakes, ponds, and other bodies of water in Carlsbad and beyond. While cattails provide plenty of benefits to water systems, they can also be very harmful when they are left to thrive uncontrolled.

DK Environmental removes unwanted cattails with the use of amphibious Aquamogs that have been especially designed for shallow waters. The equipment removes cattails at their roots, significantly reducing the plants’ growth for two to three years.

Cattails are common in aquatic places in California and the entire North America. They can greatly add to the charm and natural beauty of a place, and serve as habitat for various bird and aquatic species. With their thick roots, they also provide effective erosion control.

However, the uncontrolled growth of cattails can also lead to numerous problems. The plants can easily overrun the area, and cause sediment build up that can turn the shoreline into a marshland with a putrid smell. They can also cause damage to watercraft, impair the quality of the water, and create a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

DK Environmental aims to lend their expertise in controlling the growth of cattails in Carlsbad, where lagoons and other aquatic destinations top the list of tourist attractions. The city is also home to several golf courses where ponds and other water features need to be protected from the proliferation of cattails.

DK Environmental has over thirty years of experience in aquatic weed removal and control, as well as other services that can enhance aquatic environments. The company has a fleet of Aquamogs, which allows them to access any type of water system in the Western United States.

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