Media Coaching – Public Speaking/On-Camera Interview Confidence Book Launched

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Amy Scruggs Media, a media coaching company, have launched updates to their services online in the lead up to the physical release of their media training guide, ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ in October 2021.

As a specialist media coach for corporate clients and entrepreneurs, Amy Scruggs’ new book collects together her tips and techniques to build confidence when on-screen, drawn from her wealth of personal experience.

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Currently available in eBook format via the company website, the newly launched ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ offers solutions to help individuals overcome anxiety and fear of public speaking.

A lifelong performer, Amy Scruggs began her career in music, singing and playing piano for audiences across the USA. However, after deciding to reenter the business world back in 2012, Amy has since become a sought-after motivational speaker and media coach, providing on-camera training and public speaking coaching for corporate clients and entrepreneurs.

In a digital world, media coaching has become a tool that everyone could benefit from, with more and more people conducting their lives and businesses online and on-screen. Knowing how to appear professional and make a good impression can make or break a business deal, which is why Amy Scruggs Media makes media coaching accessible to all.

With her new book, Amy has drawn upon her years of experience interviewing professionals across her various television shows, where she has many times helped interviewees to overcome their fear and anxiety.

By pulling together the knowledge gained in coaching these individuals, and some tricks and tips of her own, Amy has created a book that can be utilized by any business professional to find their confidence and show their best self on camera – be that on television, or via Zoom.

Even social media users and corporate teams can benefit from the depth of Amy’s skills and experience in the industry, to find their inner screen star and build their business.

With the latest announcement, Amy Scruggs Media continues to invest in offering professional tools, tricks and techniques to business executives looking to improve their public speaking abilities.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Mastering how to shine when you are on a virtual call, filming a video, or being interviewed can propel your business and career to new heights. I will show you how to eliminate fear and anxiety and have fun.”

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