Startup Business Financing Strategy – Banker/Financier Psychology Report Launch

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Business education specialists Ever Wonder Knowledge have launched a 5-step approach to securing financing for entrepreneurial ventures through understanding the mindset of investors.

The Singapore-based experts have released a new report titled “Follow a 5 Steps Approach to Getting Your Business Financed”. The piece discusses the importance of psychology in securing the necessary funding for new business ventures.

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The new report offers prospective enrollees an engaging outline of the topics covered in Ever Wonder Knowledge’s Business Finance course. This comprehensive education program teaches subscribers how to more effectively engage the support of financiers and banking professionals in pursuit of their entrepreneurial goals.

According to a study by the Federal Reserve Banks, 43% of entrepreneurs use financing to cover operating expenses, while 26% use them to refinance other loans. The scarcity of capital at the outset of a venture sees over 20% of small business start-ups fail within their first year of operation.

Ever Wonder Knowledge’s 5-Step approach begins with a consideration of lenders’ thought processes, including factors that dictate their motivation for approving applications and what entrepreneurs can do to maximize their chances of success.

Step two discusses the need for a well-considered debt profile, a comprehensive account of what investment a business needs, and the reasons why it represents a sound prospect.

Step three goes on to discuss the need to demonstrate prudence and pragmatism in cash flow management. This entails showing how a company’s history proves them to be worthy custodians of future investment.

Step four deals with equity, or the need to make a convincing case regarding current operations and a sound understanding of the next steps towards expansion and growth.

The fifth step discusses the importance of articulating a comprehensive business plan. The report suggests expert techniques to structure the story of a company’s aims and how owners wish to see these goals realized.

Ever Wonder Knowledge brings a unique approach to business finance education. Led by experienced banking and finance professional John Yip, the company’s courses help entrepreneurs consider the mindset of financiers and make a compelling case for making an investment in their company.

A spokesperson for the company says, “Apply the suggested approach and framework to engage bankers and financiers, no differently from how large corporates use them for raising money.”

With the launch of its 5-step guide to business financing, Ever Wonder Knowledge continues to arm entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to succeed.

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