Virtual/Hybrid Event Platform – Online Conference/Tradeshow Software Updated

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vConferenceOnline updated its virtual and hybrid event platform. The software’s functionality can be used for the organization of efficient and engaging conferences, tradeshows, workshops, webinars, job fairs, and meetings.

The web-based software offers users an intuitive interface that is convenient for live, simulated-live, and on-demand events. The update includes advanced platform branding, additional registration functionality, and customized communications options.

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With the new announcement, the company enhances the event participants’ user experience by combining state-of-the-art video and presentation technologies with an interactive environment for real-time communication.

According to a survey conducted by the company, 89% of event planners replaced in-person conferences with virtual ones. Health concerns related to the current pandemic are not the only reason for this trend. Virtual events offer a range of benefits for organizers, sponsors, and attendees, including flexibility, lower expenses, wider audience reach and increased attendee count, easy online networking, and analytics.

vConferenceOnline’s key features simplify all stages of event planning, starting from preparation and registration to post-event review. Registration confirmations, reminders, and custom email campaigns ensure efficient pre-event communication with the participants.

In-event functionality includes an unlimited number of simultaneous live and on-demand video sessions, customized exhibitor booths, chats, a conference room mode, downloadable materials, quizzes, and polls.

vConferenceOnline also offers various tools for the interaction between attendees and the presenters. During a presentation, participants can post questions in the Session Chat and share their own knowledge. The Chat Lounge allows users to create virtual discussion rooms. Exhibitor Booths are separate chat rooms for real-time discussion between exhibitors and attendees.

The new options allow custom platform branding with the client’s logo, colors, backgrounds, signage, and graphics. vConferenceOnline also provides a multitude of ways for sponsors to connect with the event participants, including between-session ads and videos, branding, sponsored sessions, and sponsored chats. Details can be found at

Various packages are offered depending on the client’s needs and the event type. Clients can request a platform demo during which the company’s experts will tell them about the available functions and options of the software and will help them choose a suitable package.

A satisfied client said: “Not only does vConferenceOnline provide an incredible attendee experience, they make it super easy to organize and sequence video content. They offer a playlist system that allows users to plan out and queue up video presentations in pretty much any way they like.”

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