Continuous Vital Sign Monitor ViSi Mobile is Now Even Easier to Procure

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A new update from Sotera Wireless, Inc. helps hospitals procure the ViSi Mobile monitoring platform even easier. This not only allows them to procure the system and avoid the long budgeting cycles but also stay current on the latest algorithms, software, and hardware.

Sotera Wireless has announced a new update to ViSi Mobile’s procurement structure, ensuring that it’s now even easier for clients to procure. The program is designed with simplicity of implementation in mind and increases efficiency for clinical staff as they treat patients throughout the day.

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ViSi Mobile utilizes advanced machine learning and cutting-edge technology to provide clinicians with optimized patient monitoring. It bridges the gap between intensive care and spot-checking while freeing up much-needed ICU beds. The new ViSi Operational Plan allows hospitals to utilize their operational budget to not only procure the system and avoid the long budgeting cycles but also stay current on the latest algorithms, software, and hardware. Sotera Wireless believes that even one failure-to-rescue is one too many and ViSi Mobile helps save lives.

Data shows that almost half of all adverse events in hospitals occur outside ICU wards. The standard procedure for most general care wards is for patients to receive a spot check in cycles of about every four hours or more.

This leads to long windows of time where patients have had no contact with medical specialists. In the event of a critical situation occurring, it’s important to respond quickly to ensure the best chance of success.

ViSi Mobile is an innovative solution that enables clinics and hospitals to monitor patients more effectively. This can be crucial because it allows for any subtle abnormalities to be detected sooner. Doctors and health workers can therefore respond faster, leading to better patient outcomes.

With ViSi Mobile, patients are connected to their care team whether they’re being transported between wards, are laying in bed, or are out of bed using the restroom. The system can continually monitor vital signs including heart rate, respiration rate, skin temperature, posture, blood pressure, and more.

ViSi Mobile is specially designed to reduce preventable adverse events, saving clinicians time and hospitals money, while improving patient care. It also ensures that hospital and clinic teams are able to use their time more efficiently.

One of the added benefits, especially during the ongoing pandemic, is keeping patients out of the ICU when they don’t need to be there as well as reducing the number of “hot zone” entries needed, reducing unneeded exposure.

A spokesperson for the company states: “Our goal is to help hospitals improve patient safety across the enterprise with minimum impact to the alarm burden and clinical workflow. If we can help nurses detect patient deterioration early enough, further complications can be avoided.”

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Sotera Wireless is a San Diego, CA-based healthcare technology company dedicated to producing the most accurate, comprehensive wearable monitoring system in the industry. The ViSi Mobile System enables ICU-level continuous monitoring to the general ward and beyond. The system is a wearable platform that continuously monitors all patient vital signs (Pulse Rate, Heart Rate (3 ECG Lead and 5 ECG Lead), SpO2, cNIBP (Continuous Non-Invasive Blood Pressure), MAP, Respiration Rate, Skin Temperature, Posture, Fall Detection, and Life-Threatening Arrhythmias (AFIB, AFIB RVR, VFIB, Asystole) and wirelessly communicates data to clinicians. System alerts can be tailored to notify clinicians of fluctuations that signal deterioration in a patient’s health. This use of surveillance monitoring promotes reduced Rapid Response Team activations, reduced Length of Stay (LOS) for transfers to the ICU, and early detection and prevention of adverse events.