Cheshire Social Media Marketing – Brand Engagement Custom Visibility Plan Launch

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A newly updated social media marketing service has been launched by 34Social (+44-161-706-0955). They help Cheshire businesses to establish a stronger social presence across all their channels, driving engagement and sales.

34Social has launched an updated social media marketing service for Cheshire clients looking to grow their business. With distancing restrictions easing and companies striving for new ways to hit their 2021 revenue goals, the marketing agency aims to secure more leads and engagement through tailored campaign design.

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The newly updated service ensures that more businesses are able to leverage proven strategies for brand visibility and growth. Companies across sectors are encouraged to contact the agency to discuss their goals, and they’ll create a custom plan to maximise ROI.

A full range of Cheshire social marketing services is provided on the company website, and includes in-depth keyword research, bespoke advertising campaigns, and targeted social posting.

Research shows that social media can be one of the biggest driving forces behind increased brand awareness and traffic generation. By working with an experienced marketing agency like 34Social, clients are able to reach their audience where they spend most of their time.

With 3.8 billion active social media users, almost 50% of the world is engaged on platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Facebook is the current market leader, with around two thirds of the country actively using the site.

34Social empowers local Cheshire companies to engage with this audience in new ways, securing predictable inbound traffic streams and higher conversion rates.

Using the latest research and analysis methods, 34Social allows businesses to gain a deeper understanding of their consumers. This informs their marketing campaigns and creates greater engagement across their social channels.

Establishing a more prominent social presence is a reliable way for businesses to create better customer satisfaction. It’s also proven to improve brand loyalty, because customers get a window into the human side of the business. Clients can impact customers individually, making them more likely to recommend the brand in future.

A spokesperson for the agency states: “We are different, we don’t just work with you to just get clicks and likes. We provide strategies to sell more products, build on repeat custom that will all aid in building your business.”

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