Marblehead MA Premium Cosplay Costumes and Accessories for Parties Updated

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Marblehead, MA – Joker’s Wild (978-664-5401) updates its collection of costumes and accessories. The store helps residents for their unique events such as graduation balls and anime events.

Joker’s Wild, a supplier of premium costumes and accessories, announces its updated collection for residents of Marblehead, Massachusetts. The company says that its costumes can be used for a variety of occasions, from graduations to Mardi Gras to cosplays to even just normal wear for the more eclectic.

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The newly updated collection includes various masks and accessories that can be used beyond Halloween. The supplier says that there is still a misconception that costume stores only offer scary outfits such as ghosts or werewolves. Instead, Joker’s Wild has a wide array of outfits, regalia, and gear for any event.

Joker’s Wild initially began as a small costume store. The owner, having a background in Art and Design, was inspired to have a specialized costumes boutique that would allow residents to go wild with their outfits. After the initial Halloween collection, requests began pouring in, asking for more unusual designs – and the last 45 years have addressed this need with hand-made costumes suited for any occasion.

To date, Jokers’ Wild offers an expansive line of costumes and accessories, including pants, blouses, skirts, slips, tutus, boots, shoes, scarves, wigs, toupees, and hairpieces. The store also accepts custom orders, for clients who have a specific design in mind.

The company emphasizes the costumes are not limited to October. That is why the store is open all year-round and constantly updates its collection to help more residents express themselves however they want.

Its costumes can be used for coming-of-age parties, Renaissances fairs, Gangster Gatsby parties, SteamPunk festivals, and anime events.

With its updated collection, Joker’s Wild continues its mission of providing premium, hand-made costumes and accessories at affordable prices.

A spokesperson for the company said, “If you want to be unique and different and find items that no pop-up mini-store is ever going to have, we are only a 30- to 40-minute drive from almost anywhere in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. If you live in another state, call us and we’ll see what we can do.”

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