Discontinued Cricut Cartridges – Used Legacy Crafting Machines Range Expanded

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Online retailers of discontinued Cricut cartridges and machines, Crafty Cartridges, have launched new items in their range of rare and hard-to-find physical cartridges and Cricut makers.

Crafty Cartridges, an online retailer of retired Cricut cartridges and discontinued legacy Cricut machines, have expanded their range of products. The company specializes in the sale of physical cartridges for crafters and Cricut enthusiasts.

More details can be found at https://craftycartridges.com

The newly updated range offers a selection of rare and hard-to-find Cricut cartridges and makers in one place, as the items are no longer available directly through Cricut.

A must-have tool for crafters, Cricut machines use small rotary cutters and blades to cut designs according to a template – known as a cartridge. Both legacy and modern Cricut makers are versatile for all kinds of crafting and creating, thanks to their use with a wide range of materials, from simple paper to stiffer fabrics such as leather and even vinyl.

Legacy Cricut machines use designs from ready-made cartridges, but as the machines have been discontinued, the cartridges have become more difficult to get hold of. However, the simplicity and ease of ready-to-use designs has contributed to their ongoing popularity, and Crafty Cartridges understands this better than most. Their range includes a wide variety of the most popular cartridges, from rare and hard-to-find Disney branded items to the sought-after Anna Griffin collection.

Cricut cartridges from Crafty Cartridges have been collected from all over, and though many of the products available are brand new and in their original packaging, others have been lightly used and are still in full working condition.

Due to the continuing desire across the US for the original legacy Cricut maker machines, the company also offers new and used varieties, such as the Cricut Cake Mini 6 x 12 Cutting Machine and the Cricut Expression 12 x 12 Die Cutting Machine.

All items come with free USA delivery and free returns within 14 days.

With the latest announcement, Crafty Cartridges continues to expand its range of rare and discontinued physical Cricut cartridges and machines for customers online. Crafters interested in growing their collection of discontinued Cricut makers, cartridges, and special edition machines can find out more at https://craftycartridges.com/collections/cricut-machines

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://craftycartridges.com/collections/cricut-cartridges