Forest Hill UK Smart Home Electrical Device Expert Installation Service Expanded

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C. Hurst Electrical Contractors (+44-20-8659-4055) has expanded its business services to include the installation of smart home solutions that help house owners automate their lighting, heating, entertainment, solar, and security systems.

The South East London electrical contractor’s expanded technical services cover the installation and maintenance of affordable home alarm systems, automated audio equipment, and smart temperature control systems. Smart home installations are designed to minimise energy consumption and offer property owners greater control over their appliances and systems.

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C. Hurst Electrical Contractors’ recent expansion offers affordable smart home consulting and installation services to customers in South East London who are looking to improve the energy efficiency of their house. Skilled electricians and smart home technicians install systems that allow customers to control their home systems through a single phone app.

As homeowners continue to demand intuitive home management solutions, the smart home systems that serve this industry have grown in sophistication and complexity. Industry sources estimate that smart home systems will be found in about 42 per cent of homes by 2021 and 86 per cent of all homes by 2025.

Property owners stand to benefit from the services of contractors who can merge smart home system functionality with home wiring and electrical installations.

C. Hurst Electrical Contractors’ security systems control motion and contact sensor alarms, automatic door locks, automated lighting, and blind control systems. These systems are fully automated to simulate activity and give the impression of occupancy when the owner is away.

Users can control Loxone smart home devices via a central control unit installed within the home, or remotely through a mobile app. Clients opting for the company’s energy-saving systems can manage the power consumption rate of their electrical appliances, and automate climate control to save on their electricity bills.

C. Hurst Electrical Contractors hires experienced electricians trained and licensed by the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting. The company serves customers in Sydenham, Forest Hill, and all areas of London.

A spokesperson said, “At C. Hurst Electrical Contractors, we work with domestic and commercial properties according to your requirements. Our electricians make sure that all installations are carried out to the highest standard. We liaise with clients, architects, and EDF for new supplier installations. With people increasingly extending their homes, Smart Home automation has proven to meet their needs and provides luxury to their lives without a heavy price tag.”

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