South Jordan UT Basement Sewage Backup Clean For Rental Property – Report Launch

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Biohazard removal and sanitization company Bio Clean of Utah, serving Centerville, South Jordan and surrounding Utah areas, has released a report that cautions against neglecting vacant rentals.

Bio Clean of Utah, a biohazards waste removal and sanitization company serving Centerville, South Jordan, and surrounding Utah areas, has released a report that warns of the dangers associated with vacant rental properties being left unmonitored for extended periods of time. The report cautions that neglected properties are at risk of sustaining leaks, mold buildups or sewage backups that can lead to serious interior damage and potential health risks.

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Bio Clean of Utah is a 5-star company specializing in mold testing and inspection, mold removal, fire and smoke damage, unsanitary interiors, blood removal, water damage and crime scene cleaning and sanitization. With the new announcement, experts at the company are warning landlords to routinely check vacant housing or apartment units to ensure interiors and structures are in good condition.

The report details an event that occurred in South Jordan when a vacant basement apartment developed a sewage backup that went unnoticed until the home’s main floor tenants contacted the landlord to report a foul smell. Bio Clean of Utah was brought in to inspect the area and implement proper cleaning and sanitizing procedures.

As a result of the backup, the homeowner was forced to abruptly cancel holiday plans. The Bio Clean of Utah crew remedied the problem by removing and replacing the home’s baseboards and flooring, and sanitizing all affected areas.

By conducting routine property checks, homeowners can protect themselves against similar situations.

The experts at Bio Clean of Utah advise homeowners and landlords not to attempt to clean molds, sewage leaks, fire damage or other hazardous developments themselves.

Homeowners and landlords are also cautioned against hiring outside help to attend to hazardous events unless technicians comply with OSHA’s Blood borne Pathogen Standards, 29CFR1910.1030, which states that clean up crews must be provided with information and training prior to dealing with any potentially infectious material (OPIM.)

With the release of their report, the experts at Bio Clean of Utah hope to persuade residents in Centerville, South Jordan and surrounding areas to put preventive measures in place that will guard against the development of hazardous mold and other unforeseen circumstances that can lead to thousands of dollars in removal, sanitization and repair costs.

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